Rick and Peanut
waving at the camera

Peanut and Rick, first steps! LOL!!

Oreo and Oprah

Benny and Brittany.
Felt so good Benny fell asleep!

Benny playing with his toy.

Anyone for a swim??

June smiling for the camera.

Say Cheeeeeese!

We don't call her Silly
for nothing, LOL!!

Can I eat this?

What's that??

Here kitty kitty.

What the???

Star & Shawna, smile for the camera.

Darlin and Tatiana, nap time.

Wow, big dog!



Thrill goes full tilt boogie!

Keep up Rock it!

Tina says, got treats!

Thrill and Turbo

Smokey the barn cat checking out Peanut.

Bam Bam says "Hey that's my horsey!"


Mr. Peter and Shawna

Have Mini, Will Travel!

Cousin Justin tames the wild Raisin!

OOO a little to the left NO the right ahhh..

Boots.........Small but MIGHTY!

Give me some LOVVEEEE!!!! 

Journey & Rowdy playing in the sun!

Maizy loving on baby Hope. 


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