Sweet Syringa's LL  Jazy Java



Cou Clair  DOB 1/26/2014


Sugar Moon RB Latin Lover *B SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B/+*S  90VEE Elite  SG NC Promisedland MG Beau ++B/++*S
Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie 1*M/3*D
NC Promisedland RB Rumba 6*M 85VEE+ SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B/+*S 90VEE Elite
SGCH NC Promisedland PAL Macarena 5*M/5*D 91VEEE ( 2010 ADGA Nationals 1st place and 1st place udder under 2 years) (2012 ADGA Nationals 1st place and 1st place udder under 4 years)
NorthFork Kava Java Celtic Stars Tiger's Java Jolt Rosasharn Tiger I *S
Sugar-Pine T Blue M&M
Chcara DS NF Charming freckles Chcara Demon Spawn
Chcara Third Times The Charm

Linear Appraisal

2015-VVV (V)

Show Record

2014-NEWDGA (AGDA 3ring) 1stx1stx3rd place

2014-Clayton (ADGA 1ring) 1st Place RCH

2014-Spokane Fair (ADGA) 1st place

2015-NEWDGA (ADGA 3ring) 4thX4thX4th

2015-Spokane Fair (ADGA 2ring) 2nd X 1st place

2015-WA. State Fair Puallup ( ADGA 1ring) 13th place out of 20 in class