Shere Country BT The X Factor


Photo Courtesy of Babel Brook Acres

     Black and white and covered in moonspots!!  DOB 4/18/2012


*B Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S

NC Promiseland SS Hot Stuff*S*B

PromisedLand CP Seymore Spots *S

GCH 1*M ARMCH PromisedLand CP
Lil BoPeep*D E92

1*M Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D 'E90' AR 2103 Woodhaven Farms Neon Eclipse 'VG'
Stonewall India Wilkes
TX Twincreeks Seminole Wind Lost Valley TB Seminole *S ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo + *S 'E' (2009 & 2010 AGS National Champion Buck)
MCH/CH Lost Valley Sundancer 2*D 'E'
TX Twin Creeks WOC Summer Breeze Pecan Hollow Wind of Change
MCH/PGCH Twin Creeks Midsumernitedream 2*D (1*M) 'E'