Hooten Hollow's Austin T

Smokey Cream Pinto ~ Foaled 5-13-92 ~ 31.75"

AMHA# A48879/AMHR# 73500A

Austin has sired National and Reserve National Champions in halter and performance. He has also sired multiple top tens, ALL STAR Champions, top tens and multiple Hall of Fames in both halter and performance!!! Austin is a full brother to Hooten Hollows Spitfire, a Multi-National Champion and goes back to Boones Little Prince. He has a beautiful head and consistently stamps his foals with a good head and neck. Austin is a Smokey Cream Pinto allowing him to produce a wide variety of dilutes. The Farm we bought him from retained a number of his daughters for their breeding program and they have been outstanding producers...

Lab test results:   Red Factor  -- Ee,   Agouti -- aa,   Cream --  CrCr....

Ee Both black and red factors detected. The horse tested heterozygous for the red factor. It can transmit either E or e to its offspring. The basic color of the horse will be black, bay or brown, but depending on genes at other color loci, the horse may be buckskin, zebra dun, grullo, perlino, gray, or white.
Only recessive allele detected. Black pigment distributed uniformly. The basic color of the horse will be black in the absence of other modifying genes.
CrCr Double dilute. Horse tested Homozygous for Cream Dilution (Two copies of the Cream allele). Chestnut is diluted to cremello; bay is diluted to perlino and black is diluted to smoky cream. These colors can be further modified by the actions of other genes.



Grandsire: RH Dakota

Grandam: RH Polly

Sire: RH Perky Pete  
Dam: Flabys Shasta Daisy  

Grandsire: Boones Little Prince

Grandam: Boones Little Proud One

Austin's stud fee is $1000.

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